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Micro-manufacturing technologies are widely recognized as key enabling technologies to address the “grand challenges” of the 21st century society, facilitating new innovative products and systems and impacting across a broad range of application areas. The ultimate benefit is to improve yet affordable health care, higher standards of living, quality consumer goods, addressing the 3 interlinked priorities identified by the EU strategy Europe 2020, promoting a smart , sustainable and inclusive growth.
MIMAN-T is a Leonardo da Vinci project, ending June 2016, dedicated to translate Micro-Manufacturing Technologies into tangible industrial benefits and to discover the benefits from their implementation in the organisations. The aim of this project is the development of a complete training system, specifically developed for SMEs, that provides a comparative overview on the latest advancements in Micro-Manufacturing Technologies including technical and economical details, allowing the participants to improve the methodology and systems to design, develop and manufacture miniaturised products. Such a system provides essential information to invest in the miniaturization of the products and the manufacturing technique most suitable according to the

The lessons are interactive and modular in order to match the individual requirements. They offer an overview on the technologies, presenting the technical aspects, advantages, limitations and applications and deepening paths in order to furnish further on-demand information, including practical applications to provide hands-on experience. At the end of each lesson a test will be proposed, in order to verify the learning of the user.